Facebook Removing Messaging from FB App

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is officially removing messaging from its flagship mobile app on every platform. This is happening due to the large success of it’s new mobile app replacement for messaging. Facebook has announced this mostly because FB intends to make a better experience out of it’s apps and removing support for the messaging service will make this project easier.

In the coming days if you attempt to send a message you will be redirected to an app download link.


OneNote for Amazon devices

OneNote Logo

Microsoft OneNote was added to the Amazon App Store today at the awesome price of free. This is no accident, as the Amazon Fire phone will be dropping into stores tomorrow and OneNote is aiming to be one of the top apps.

Kindle Fire OneNote

OneNote now packs a very touch friendly interface, utilizing the metro interface designed for Microsofts other ventures into the touchscreen space.


Destiny Party Stabilization Errors

I hope everyone is enjoying their Destiny beta, but I have received a number of emails thanking me for posting the other Destiny bug fix and thought I would add this one that many players are experiencing.

Small Destiny Logo

When attempting to queue for any party/team based gameplay players are experiencing Party Stabilization errors, luckily Bungie has offered a quick fix. “If encountering Party Stabilization errors on Xbox One: try turning off your console, fully unplugging, then plugging in and trying again,” Bungie recommends.

Cheers and enjoy.

Destiny Xbox ONE Beta – Ready to Start Bug


The Destiny beta has officially been released today on the Xbox One, and some users are experiencing a ‘Ready to Start’ bug. The bug essentially says that players are ‘ready to start’ playing the game as soon as you start downloading. Do not try and play. The game will fail to load and you will have to restart your Xbox to resume the download.

“Your download is likely not corrupted, and happily downloading in the background,” Bungie explains. “Please wait to launch Destiny until it is 100% downloaded. To monitor the progress of your Destiny Beta download, please navigate to the Games & Apps tile from the Xbox One home screen”

Cheers and enjoy this amazing game.

Foursquare Redesign

Foursquare the incredibly popular place and business finding application today has announced a complete redesign that even comes with a logo swap.

foursquare New Logo

This may not seem like exciting new to some but it is really kind of cool to watch the direction of the popular apps and their design choices.


The app now provides information more based on location popularity. The app does look pretty fantastic and I can’t wait to see it in action.

Nvlddmkm.sys Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen 8.1

Several users are experiencing Nvlddmkm.sys blue screens when they attempt to update their AMD/ATI graphics card drivers on newly installed Windows 8/8.1 systems.

This issue is caused by Windows 8 automatically finding the wrong drivers for your onboard graphics card after the operating system is installed, Windows is for some reason installing Nvidia drivers.

Add or Remove Programs

The solution is an easy one, simply uninstall all Nvidia drivers and programs using Add or Remove programs, and then install the correct driver found on the AMD website.

Cheers and Good Luck

Chrome OS Teaser Screenshot

Chrome OS Screen

A small update has been released from the Chrome OS team at Google, releasing the above teaser screenshot of the operating system. People have begun to get excited at the idea of a cheaper alternative to the most common operating systems nowadays.

We haven’t learned a lot from the teaser screen, except Google’s constant push to modular user interfaces.


Windows 8.1/9 Start Menu Leak

Win 9 Start Menu

This is the supposed leaked start menu for Windows 8.1 Update / Windows 9.

This is not confirmed but it looks similar to the one that was previously demo’d so until we get confirmation I would assume that it is pretty darn close. It is nice to see Metro converted into the menu that it is being used as. The release of this menu could be as early as the next Windows 8.1 update or take until Windows 9.



Disabling App Notifications On Android

android Logo

Notifications are both the best and worst thing about Android. Some apps will seemingly spam you whenever they get the chance. This feature can be disabled, here is how:

Simply wait until you get one of those annoying notifications, open your notification panel and press/hold down on the notification until ‘App Info’ appears.

On this screen locate the check box that looks like:

Stop Android Notifications

Uncheck this box. The following prompt will confirm your choice:

Stop Android Notifications

That’s it you’re done. Cheers and Enjoy