iPhone 6 Launch Assumed to be Sept 9

iPhone 6 Launch

Apple has released a new set of teaser images for a launch event planned for Sept 9, it is assumed this event will be a release event for the iPhone 6. The event may be to show off the new 4.7 inch flagship iPhone, and also may be used to show off a new larger form factor device that is expected to launch with the new iPhone.


Apple fans are excited, as per usual. Rejoice?


Doesn’t have valid IP configuration

Network doesn't have valid IP configuration

When connecting to the internet “Doesn’t have valid IP configuration” is a common issue. This issue is easily resolved by the following steps:

Right click on “Network” then click properties, click change adapter settings, right click on your Local Area connection. Uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6 TCP/IPv6″ press ‘Okay’. Then go to IPv4 hit properties, make sure ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ is selected and obtain DNS automatically. Restart your machine and try to reconnect.


Microsoft Office Activation Error 0xc004c060

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Microsoft activation errors are known for their long error codes, and seemingly little online help to explain them. Microsoft Office Activation Error 0xc004c060 is no different.

This code is actually caused by using an inactive product key to attempt to activate. Your key was once valid but is now cancelled, probably because the Microsoft program being run that got you that key has been changed or cancelled. You will unfortunately require a new activation key.

Cheers and Good Luck

Adobe Security Patch to Huge System Flaws

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Adobe today has released critical security patches for Reader, Acrobat, Flash, and Air. Hackers have been able to escape the sandbox protection of Reader and Acrobat X and XI in order to execute code with elevated privileges on the Windows platform. Adobe addressed the flaw in the newly released 11.0.08 and 10.1.11 versions of the two products.

The Flash and AIR updates fix seven vulnerabilities, one of which can result in remote code execution. Five of the remaining vulnerabilities can be used to bypass memory address randomization, a mechanism designed to make exploitation harder, and one can be used to bypass other security restrictions.

The Flash Player versions shipped with all modern and up to date browsers will be updated automatically, if you are running an older browser it is recommended that you upgrade.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Trick

S5 Charge Port

With the number of people upgrading to Samsung Galaxy S5s  recently a ton of old phone chargers are going to waste. The S5 comes equipped with both a standard micro usb that is directly beside a data transfer port.

Micro USB

If you have a charge cable like the one above you can actually just plug it into your S5 and it will charge the exact same way as your original S5 charger. You do not need the data transfer half.

Cheers and Enjoy

Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent

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‘Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent’ error is caused by trying to update the session after you have already set the HTTP headers.  To fix this issue simple call ‘session-start’ above the rest of your php, if it is the first thing in your document and you haven’t called session-start twice this error will be fixed.

Cheers and good luck

Using a 4TB Hard Drive for Xbox 360

4TB Hard Disk


4TB hard drives are becoming the new norm and everyone wants to use them as their media storage for their media streaming devices. Unfortunately many devices cannot with read their default configuration. Xbox 360 cannot read them by default but fear not their is a quick way to remedy the issue.

Xbox 360 requires an allocation or cluster size of 64kb for larger drives to read properly, this on top of the requirement for fat32/exFAT file system.  To do this you must format it.

First plug your hard drive into your computer. On windows, open up your windows explorer, find the drive and right click it. Next select ‘format drive’. Set the drive as follows and then format:

64kb Allocation Format

If you use a different operating you will need to download a free formatting tool, and there are a ton of them on Google that can be of service. Just remember, file system: Fat32/exFAT and cluster size of 64kb.

One last closing note Playstation can typically use a 32kb cluster size so if this does not work for your Sony console try that.


Wifi Range Solution


WiFi signal strength is an increasing issue and one large cause of the problem stems from the adaptation of 5 GHz as the default signal strength. The problem with this is that 5 GHz while faster and more robust, comes at a cost of significantly reduced access range when compared to it’s 2.4 GHz predecessor.

WiFi Range

WiFi speed is the easiest to market so most providers send you a modem/router or combo unit that come defaulted to use a 5 GHz connection, that or they configure the 5 GHz when a perfectly functioning 2.4 GHz connection is ignored. Simply login to your router/modem and configure your connection to utilize 2.4 GHz instead and you will be amazed at the distance increase.


Hearthstone Bug Cannot Access Plague Quarter

Hearthstone Naxx

Many Hearthstone players have been unable to access the Plague Wing after purchasing it in the Curse of Naxxramas story mode. Blizzard has announced that a relog and about 15 minute wait will get you a refund at which point you should refrain from purchasing the content until a fix is deployed. Just a quick heads up for hearthstone players.