SQL 2012 Install: .Net 3.5 SP1 Required Error

  Sql 2008 Install .Net Error

The error: ‘ Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1′  occurs when installing SQL2012 and states a requirement for .NET 3.5 SP1 , and this requirement can be particularly annoying if you know your server already has the framework.  The typical reaction to this error is to attempt to install .net 4 or 4.5 and then find out you already have it, or to install it and just be met with this error again. Then you finally get a helpful error message when you attempt to install the now dated .net 3.5 SP1 off of the Microsoft site. The error hints at server roles being the answer.

To solve this issue, open server manager and then click Role Manager:

Add Role

Now click Add Roles, this will open a list of all the available roles:

Add Role App Server

Add the Application Server Role, you may notice this enables . NET Framework 3.5.1.

Now try the install again, and it will go a lot smoother.


ADP pay@work Add the Sheridan license manager Error Fix

While using ADP pay@work it is very common to run into the error: ‘Add the Sheridan license manager’ and encounter a blank page when processing pay roll.


This error is caused by using a newer version of Internet Explorer, and is in no way your fault, this issue will be solved when ADP fixes their website.

In the mean time however to fix this issue, while on the page seen above, click the gear seen in the top right corner of Internet Explorer.


Select Compatibility View settings. This will automatically add ADP into the list of compatibility pages. Click Add. Then hit OK.

Your page will reload and not function as expected.


Destiny Patch Kills Loot Cave and Queen’s Shards Exploit


Bungie’s most recent patch alienates millions of gamers that have been using the infamous ‘loot cave’ to power up their Destiny characters.

Destiny Loot Cave

The Loot Cave, is a spot where players can simply spawn and constantly shoot into a cave, at a large enough distance to cause the cave to constantly spawn new enemies. These enemies drop all of their loot in an easy to collect tiny cave that players can then easily collect. Bungie has announced that this is not their vision for gear collection, and that it breaks the game’s loot model. This trick has been removed as of the patch just released.

On top of this Bungie also patched a small exploit where their new event The Queen’s Wrath.

Destiny Queen

This event allows players to complete various missions to earn emblems for the queen. These emblems can be subsequently traded in for entry to a heroic mission that has a guaranteed epic loot drop. Players were mass running these missions to gain as many epics as possible, then dismantling these epics to gain ancestral shards, a coveted loot item used for upgrading gear.

Bungie has removed these shards from the dismantle loot table.

Cheers and Happy Gaming

iPhone 6 Bends in Pockets

Apple Logo

Apple’s new iPhone 6 has set sales records everywhere with massive market success in it’s first week being sold. The new phone comes with a sleek thin and light weight design. The aluminum frame unfortunately is bending in pockets everywhere. Your pocket makes for a very pressurized and heated place, and this can end very badly for your new iPhone 6.

bent iphone 6

Regardless, just be careful where you store this thing, or purchase one of the hard-shell cases that will keep in straight when you are storing it.

Cheers and Good Luck

Xbox One Port Forwarding

Xbox One Logo

If you are one of the millions of Xbox One owners playing Destiny right now, you know the importance of achieving an Open Nat setting on your network. An Open Nat will remove any matchmaking restrictions you have on Xbox Live, as well as limit the amount of connection issues you have. It is generally a good idea. You achieve it by logging into your router, enabling port forwarding, and forwarding the following ports:

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)
Port 500 (UDP)
UDP Port 3544 (UDP)
UDP Port 4500 (UDP)

If your port forwarding on your router requires a destination IP then simply open your xbox’s network settings and copy the IP address you find there.

Cheers and Enjoy

iOS 8 Activation Lock Enabled by Default


iOS 8 is officially the first phone to be enabled by default to be locked remotely to deter theft. This feature is not new to iOS making its debut in iOS7, but due to California laws that are attempting to cut down on phone theft making this feature now mandatory, this is now automatically enabled and configured for the user.

‘Activation Lock’ is the coined name for the feature, and it still does require a bit of configuration on the user end. Users will have to subscribe to a service to use the fully featured lock, or they can opt to disable the feature entirely.

Hopefully this succeeds in cutting down the growing industry of stolen mobile devices.


5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

Gmail Logo

Today it has been announced that almost 5 million gmail accounts have had their emails and passwords leaked onto a Russian bitcoin forum. There are several sites that have been created to query the list of emails and to tell you if you are at risk, but the smartest case of action is to change your password to avoid any issues.

DO NOT post your username and password into any site offering to provide you with the knowledge of if your account is compromised. These sites may be legitimate but a number of them are simply phishing for your account information. Google has stated the passwords were likely stolen off of a database that is not housed by Google.

Cheers and Safe Browsing

Home Depot Credit Card Database Hacked

Home depot Logo

Massive North American retailer Home Depot has admitted to a credit card leak in their database that could very well be the biggest haul of credit card numbers in retail history. As much as Sixty Million credit card numbers and information were stolen from their system.

This breach did not effect online shoppers, and no PIN numbers were stored in the effected database. Still check those bank statements and make sure you don’t have anything unexpected.


WordPress 4.0


As many WordPress users have discovered WordPress 4.0 has been released. The message below is the one most users have clicked:


The following is the direct update notes from WordPress.org:

wp4_1 wp4_2 wp4_3  wp4_4wp4_5