5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

Gmail Logo

Today it has been announced that almost 5 million gmail accounts have had their emails and passwords leaked onto a Russian bitcoin forum. There are several sites that have been created to query the list of emails and to tell you if you are at risk, but the smartest case of action is to change your password to avoid any issues.

DO NOT post your username and password into any site offering to provide you with the knowledge of if your account is compromised. These sites may be legitimate but a number of them are simply phishing for your account information. Google has stated the passwords were likely stolen off of a database that is not housed by Google.

Cheers and Safe Browsing

Home Depot Credit Card Database Hacked

Home depot Logo

Massive North American retailer Home Depot has admitted to a credit card leak in their database that could very well be the biggest haul of credit card numbers in retail history. As much as Sixty Million credit card numbers and information were stolen from their system.

This breach did not effect online shoppers, and no PIN numbers were stored in the effected database. Still check those bank statements and make sure you don’t have anything unexpected.


WordPress 4.0


As many WordPress users have discovered WordPress 4.0 has been released. The message below is the one most users have clicked:


The following is the direct update notes from WordPress.org:

wp4_1 wp4_2 wp4_3  wp4_4wp4_5


Xbox One Play Movies Off External Drive

Xbox One Logo

A lot of Xbox one users expect the new console to play videos off of an external USB in a similar way. Fear not, it is very possible to achieve, Xbox One just does not ship with a media player.

Simply power your console on and go to ‘Apps’. Then load up the ‘Search’ feature and type in: ‘Media Player’.

Install that and you will be able to play all of your typical media formats.

Xbox Media Center

Cheers and Enjoy

Internet Explorer Add or Change Search Provider


Some users prefer to stick with Internet Explorer, and I don’t blame them it isn’t all that bad, but Bing is an awful search provider. You just can’t beat Google, so to make Internet Explorer more useful here is a quick guide to changing what IE uses to search.

Open IE and click the gear in the top right:

ie Manage Addons

Then click ‘Manage ad-ons’.

search Provider

Now click ‘Search Providers’. Here is a list (on install it will only have Bing), of all the search providers that you have enabled. Simply set the one you want as your default, hit OK and reopen your browser. If the one you want is no there, scroll to the bottom and click:

search Provider Find

‘Find more search providers…’ . This will bring you to a page where Microsoft will walk you through adding the provider that you need.

Cheers and Enjoy

iPhone 6 Launch Assumed to be Sept 9

iPhone 6 Launch

Apple has released a new set of teaser images for a launch event planned for Sept 9, it is assumed this event will be a release event for the iPhone 6. The event may be to show off the new 4.7 inch flagship iPhone, and also may be used to show off a new larger form factor device that is expected to launch with the new iPhone.


Apple fans are excited, as per usual. Rejoice?


Doesn’t have valid IP configuration

Network doesn't have valid IP configuration

When connecting to the internet “Doesn’t have valid IP configuration” is a common issue. This issue is easily resolved by the following steps:

Right click on “Network” then click properties, click change adapter settings, right click on your Local Area connection. Uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6 TCP/IPv6″ press ‘Okay’. Then go to IPv4 hit properties, make sure ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ is selected and obtain DNS automatically. Restart your machine and try to reconnect.


Microsoft Office Activation Error 0xc004c060

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Microsoft activation errors are known for their long error codes, and seemingly little online help to explain them. Microsoft Office Activation Error 0xc004c060 is no different.

This code is actually caused by using an inactive product key to attempt to activate. Your key was once valid but is now cancelled, probably because the Microsoft program being run that got you that key has been changed or cancelled. You will unfortunately require a new activation key.

Cheers and Good Luck

Adobe Security Patch to Huge System Flaws

Adobe Logo

Adobe today has released critical security patches for Reader, Acrobat, Flash, and Air. Hackers have been able to escape the sandbox protection of Reader and Acrobat X and XI in order to execute code with elevated privileges on the Windows platform. Adobe addressed the flaw in the newly released 11.0.08 and 10.1.11 versions of the two products.

The Flash and AIR updates fix seven vulnerabilities, one of which can result in remote code execution. Five of the remaining vulnerabilities can be used to bypass memory address randomization, a mechanism designed to make exploitation harder, and one can be used to bypass other security restrictions.

The Flash Player versions shipped with all modern and up to date browsers will be updated automatically, if you are running an older browser it is recommended that you upgrade.