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Removing & Mediatracker.01 Pop Up Malware

Recently a co-worker ran into an issue after installing a VLC player he had found online that wasn’t a legitimate copy. The machine was left on my desk with a pop-up window every 30 seconds.


The issue – Constant calls to Mediatracker.01 and Most of the spyware protocols my company uses failed to remedy the issue.

As much as I love manual removal processes they only help slightly, delete the most recent program you installed, and monitor your processes (end task) anything weird in your task manager processes.

Ultimately however run this free tool. if I had a better way I would but this worked great:

The tool looks a bit odd, but the freeware version (after 30 minutes) presented me with a ton of questionable leftover DLL files that I chose to blanket remove all of and that fixed my issue.

Cheers and Good Luck