Enable xp_cmdshell on SQL Server


The xp_cmdshell commands are all disabled by default on new installations of SQL Server. This can be annoying when trying to perform more advanced queries, but there is an easy way to enable the command shell.

Just follow the following steps, and just to avoid any issues, run each line before proceeding to the next:

EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;
EXEC sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', 1;

Now try to run your script

Windows: SystemInfo Command

Have you ever needed to detect the number of processors available in your machine, or find out your pc’s exact build date? Tons of information is available very quickly with the Systeminfo command.

Simply press your start button or windows button, them type cmd. Choose to open your command prompt, then type:

System Info Command

Once you hit enter a ton of information for your system will appear, it will take a few seconds to load.

System Info


Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay services are now in full swing. Apple, not the first to roll out their NFC-powered mobile payment system, have rolled out in parts of the USA and in those parts it seems to be most of the common larger chain stores that are accepting the payment method. We wanted to find out just how easy the service is to use.

Adding a debit/credit card was simple and painless. Simply enter the same amount of information that it takes to make a payment online, and voila you’re ready to rock.

Now find a store location accepting of Apple Pay and locate the NFC logo at checkout.

Apple Pay Tap

Simply hold down the multi use button on your iPhone and tap your phone against the logo when it comes time to pay. The experience is about what you would expect, nothing groundbreaking but the ease of use is certainly there. Don’t worry it is not at all offered in Canada just yet.


Steam Free Weekend

Steam Logo

From now until October 19th, Steam is offering ten games free of charge. Simply login to the Steam client and download away. These games will be discounted during the free period, so they can be purchased to play after the 19th. The games are as follows:

Payday 2 – $8.24 (was $32.99)
Company of Heroes 2 – $10.99 (was $43.99)
Awesomenauts – $2.74 (was $10)
Don’t Starve – $5.77 (was $16.99)
Trine 2: Complete Story – $4.39 (was $21.99)
GRID 2 – $8.24 (was $32.99)
Killing Floor- $5.49 (was $21.99)
Blade Symphony – $4.24 (was $16.99)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $8.25 (was $32.99)
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition – $10.99 (was $21.99)



NHL 15 – No Collection Complete Banner and No Packs!

NHL 15 Logo

Many players that have been collecting full teams on NHL 15 have run into an issue where a team says it is complete yet no collection banner and no packs are rewarded to the player for their hard work. This can be especially irritating for players that are buying and reselling the teams after they get their packs.

The error appears like this:

NHL 15 Screenshot

Notice the 32/32 and yet no reward. The solution is a rather irritating one. Some items can be read as part of the team but not be in your collection. Basically you will need to go through your auctions, item inbox, and team and remove all players from the team you are trying to collect and place them back in your collection. Once completed restart your game and this error will right itself and give you the packs.

Cheers and Good Luck

SQL Management Studio Error – Unable to restore database because it is in use by this session


When restoring a database occasionally you may run into an issue: ‘Unable to restore database because it is in use by this session’. This is caused by your user account’s default database being the one that you are trying to restore over, this causes a small session to constantly run which means that you cannot erase the database without killing the session.

Typically you would do this in activity manager but you cannot fully remove this session and be logged in at the same time, so here is a solution.

First open connect to your server and open Security>Logins.

                            SQL Security Logins

Next right click on your login and click properties. Locate the default database dropdown:

SQL Default Login Database

If your default database is set to the same one that you are trying to restore over, this is what is causing your error. I recommend changing it to ‘master’ or to literally any other database.If you are still unable to restore, next close out your database connection. Click reconnect, but before entering your credentials click ‘Options’ at the bottom right.

SQL Default Database

The first option is Connect to database: <default>. Select this option and browse for a different database. Select master, or any database not the same as the one you are trying to restore over.

Restart your SQL Management Studio

Now attempt to restore again, and all should function as expected.


Destiny Error Code – Cattle and Caterpillar


Destiny error codes Cattle and Caterpillar are two of the most irritating error codes to get while playing destiny, mostly because they usually occur when you disconnect from Bungie servers.  These error have no defined perfect solution, but there are a few steps to try out if you get stuck. These steps are for Xbox One, but most of the information is transferable.

First forward the ports as listed here: Xbox One Port forwarding for Destiny

Next check your advanced settings under network and ensure your Nat type is set to Open. If it isnt there may be an issue with the port forwarding you did in the previous step.If you are still getting the error, press the Xbox button in game then hover over Destiny and press start. Then press ‘Exit Game’. Reopen the client and try again.

Bungie has reported that sometimes this error occurs at an ISP level, which means there is nothing you can do but wait. Typically after an hour or two the traffic on the lines through your ISP will have dwindled or changed and this will allow you back on the game servers.


SQL 2012 Install: .Net 3.5 SP1 Required Error

  Sql 2008 Install .Net Error

The error: ‘ Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1′  occurs when installing SQL2012 and states a requirement for .NET 3.5 SP1 , and this requirement can be particularly annoying if you know your server already has the framework.  The typical reaction to this error is to attempt to install .net 4 or 4.5 and then find out you already have it, or to install it and just be met with this error again. Then you finally get a helpful error message when you attempt to install the now dated .net 3.5 SP1 off of the Microsoft site. The error hints at server roles being the answer.

To solve this issue, open server manager and then click Role Manager:

Add Role

Now click Add Roles, this will open a list of all the available roles:

Add Role App Server

Add the Application Server Role, you may notice this enables . NET Framework 3.5.1.

Now try the install again, and it will go a lot smoother.


ADP pay@work Add the Sheridan license manager Error Fix

While using ADP pay@work it is very common to run into the error: ‘Add the Sheridan license manager’ and encounter a blank page when processing pay roll.


This error is caused by using a newer version of Internet Explorer, and is in no way your fault, this issue will be solved when ADP fixes their website.

In the mean time however to fix this issue, while on the page seen above, click the gear seen in the top right corner of Internet Explorer.


Select Compatibility View settings. This will automatically add ADP into the list of compatibility pages. Click Add. Then hit OK.

Your page will reload and not function as expected.