Keyloggers – What are they and should I be worried?



Keyloggers are a large problem online, and usually target users of open access computers, but can really effect anyone. A keylogger is simply software (can technically also be hardware) that tracks all entered keystrokes into a machine. This is so that the person on the receiving end can gain access to all kinds of accounts and personal data.

Hardware keyloggers are simply small dongles placed inside public machines are on the back in a keyboard or USB port. Remove the dongle and you have solved the issue. The more annoying keyloggers are software based. 

Software based keyloggers have plagued the gaming community and online bank sites for a while. Essentially you will click a link in your email and accidentally install a keylogger that the original sender will use to steal your accounts. Luckily keyloggers are hard to hide, so any anti virus scan will pickup an installed keylogger, and is a good idea to run if you ever suspect that you may have downloaded something out of the ordinary. Other the that, simply practice safe browsing to avoid getting a keylogger. Visit sites you know and don’t browse anything risky.

Until next time, Cheers and Good Luck