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OneNote for Amazon devices

Microsoft OneNote was added to the Amazon App Store today at the awesome price of free. This is no accident, as the Amazon Fire phone will be dropping into stores tomorrow and OneNote is aiming to be one of the top apps. OneNote now packs a very touch friendly interface, utilizing the metro interface designed… Read more »

New Apple Features, Coming Soon

Several Apple executives (Tim Cook above) announced plenty of new features moving forwards for the Apple product line during WWDC. Here are some quick notes: iPhone/iPad: Discount App bundles being offered to application developers. Built in Health management tools, tracking physical activity, vital signs, and eating habits. Universal Search functions searching device and internet (similar to… Read more »

Facebook: New Privacy Check-Ups

Facebook has introduced a new security check up function to users, that appears to be randomly and periodically available while you go about your usual Facebooking. When posting users will be presented with the option to update their default post settings. If ‘more options’ is selected they are presented with a more simple UI for… Read more »

EBAY Security Breach: Change your password

Ebay to announce site wide password reset today after losing files containing 112 million customers login credentials. A list of user names with basic user information (name, email, phone number, address and date of birth) was stolen two weeks ago when several employee login credentials were compromised. Paypal information was in no way compromised. Beat the… Read more »

Windows 7 and 8: Uninstall Updates

Sometimes Windows Updates are automatically installed that simply do not work on the current system configuration, and may need to be removed to stop issues from happening. It is rare but it happens. Recently a lot of users are getting Error 0xc0000005 after running the most recent batch if Windows 7 Updates. Sometimes your best… Read more »

Google Now: What is it?

Google Now is an information delivery system that will work across all of your devices to provide information at real time. These information updates are intended to merge your email/google+/calender with your day to day searching/events/device usage. This service is free and will provide a ‘card’ dashboard similar to Windows 8 metro interface but with… Read more »

Windows 8: Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error

VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR is another one of those very common blue screen of death errors on Windows 8. Like 90%of the BSODs on Windows 8, it involves drivers. This one is simple, you opened a file that your graphics card lacked the capability to read. To give it that capability, install the correct and updated graphics driver…. Read more »

Imgur Behaving Slow and Unresponsive

Lots of users of the popular image sharing site Imgur have been reporting slow downs and site issues, and I was asked if the issues are unique to a few users. Imgur announced they are having issues with a massive number of their users and it is being worked on presently. No need to worry,… Read more »

How to Torrent: A Quick Lesson

A quick lesson on Torrenting, what it is, and how you do it. For this tutorial I will be using uTorrent, which is a free and fairly safe torrenting program. Step 1: Install a torrenting program like uTorrent. Step 2: Browse a torrenting site. These sites range in safety, I recommend anti virus and anti… Read more »