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Windows Patch: Internet Explorer Fixes

Another Windows Update has been pushed out, absolutely full of Internet Explorer fixes. A total of six vulnerabilities have been patched as well as a ton of other small fixes. This update was pushed out on Tuesday and all Windows Vista/7/8 machines will be seeing an update shortly. This update is a safe one to… Read more »

Facebook: Stop Videos from Automatically Playing

Since Facebook’s newest ‘upgrade’ all posted videos have been set to automatically begin playing as you scroll past them on your feed. Many users, including myself have found this incredibly irritating. Here is how to fix it: First right click your drop down arrow found in the top right, and click on ‘settings’. On the… Read more »

Making Windows 8.1 Load to Desktop

A ton of people are making the switch to 8.1. The feature everyone notices right away (as seen in the above picture) is the windows button on your desktop. I received two emails asking how to use the (in my opinion) best Windows 8.1 feature. Windows 8.1 now gives the user the ability to make… Read more »