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Updating Firefox

With the amount of users switching off of Internet Explorer I felt a tutorial on how to update Firefox would be handy. Here’s how: Open Firefox settings by clicking the dropdown menu at the top. Locate Help>About Firefox. This screen will automatically begin updating Firefox. If there is an update to download your Firefox will… Read more »

Facebook: Stop Videos from Automatically Playing

Since Facebook’s newest ‘upgrade’ all posted videos have been set to automatically begin playing as you scroll past them on your feed. Many users, including myself have found this incredibly irritating. Here is how to fix it: First right click your drop down arrow found in the top right, and click on ‘settings’. On the… Read more »

Windows 8 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 and 8.1 introduced a ton of new keyboard shortcuts, and kept a few old ones around. Here are ones that I feel get used by most users everyday. There may be a few you didn’t know: ALT+ Spacebar-  Opens the shortcut menu SHIFT + Arrow Key- Selects more than one item CTRL+A- Selects everything… Read more »

Remove: Proudly Powered by WordPress

The most common free wordpress themes add a footer note that says ‘Proudly Powered by WordPress‘. I will show you how to remove this, using the ‘TwentyElevyn’ theme as my example. To remove this simply go into Appearance> Editor. Now find footer.php. Next and last step is to remove the lines:  <div id=”site-generator”> <?php do_action(… Read more »

Windows 8 – Creating a Restore Point

Creating a Restore Point is probably the most useful thing you can do on a computer, yet most people don’t know the feature even exists. Restore points can be used as a backup for if your PC ever stops working or becomes slow. You can easily restore back to that date and return to a… Read more »

Windows 8.1 N – What is the difference?

A lot of new laptops are shipping right from the manufacturer with Windows 8.1 N edition. Most of the people assume the N stands for an upgraded version. It does not. It actually means that the following products were removed from the install: Windows Media Player, Music, Video, Skype This means that for most of… Read more »

Blackberry – Setting Up Mobile Hotspot

Most Blackberry users have no idea how to use their Mobile HotSpot or even that they have it in the first place. What it does is create a wireless signal using your phone’s data to connect other devices to the internet. This feature is great when you’re stuck without a connection for your laptop and… Read more »