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Google Now: Enabling Desktop Notifications

With Google Now gaining popularity Google Notifications are becoming more and more useful. If you don’t know what they are here is the Google Notification widget (looks like a bell): Any ways, when you have Google Now and are using it on your phone and pc these notifications will begin to populate with information Google… Read more »

Facebook: Stop Videos from Automatically Playing

Since Facebook’s newest ‘upgrade’ all posted videos have been set to automatically begin playing as you scroll past them on your feed. Many users, including myself have found this incredibly irritating. Here is how to fix it: First right click your drop down arrow found in the top right, and click on ‘settings’. On the… Read more »

Adding Favico on

Tired of seeing that ‘W’ logo in tabs of your WordPress hosted site? Don’t worry here is how to change it: First open your site’s dashboard and navigate to the ‘Settings’ Then click on the ‘General’ tab. Next find the ‘Choose File’ button on the right hand side of your page:   Select your file… Read more »